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Nesquik® Super Breakfast Chocolate

Wake up with a better breakfast

With 12 grams of protein, adding Nesquik® Super Breakfast as part of your complete breakfast can help you take on the day.

Nesquik® Lowfat Chocolate
Nesquik Powders

Delicious energy for every moment

Made with real milk and flavored with real cocoa, our lowfat chocolate milk has the taste you love and nutrition you need.

Nesquik® Protein Plus Chocolate
Nesquik® Protein Plus Chocolate

Shake up your recovery routine

Nesquik® Protein Plus includes 23 grams of protein to help power your workout.

Nesquik Powders
Nesquik Powders

Freshen up your snack breaks

Our classic powdered drink mixes go with more than milk. Get creative with your snacks for added nutrition and flavor.

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From snacks to smoothies, learn how you can incorporate Nesquik into every meal.

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