NESQUIK 8 ounce ready-to-drink chocolate bottle with chocolate milk flowing from top

Deliciously Nutritious

% less
sugar than the
leading chocolate syrup brand*
& minerals

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*11 g vs. 20 g sugar/svg. This product contains 23 g sugar when mixed with 1 cup low fat milk.
No Sugar Added Chocolate Powder contains 85% less sugar than the leading syrup brand.
Per serving of Nesquik Powder.

Breakfast Is Better with the Bunny

Help your kids start their morning off right. A balanced breakfast with a glass of NESQUIK® gives kids the nutrition they need for a delicious day ahead.

Post Game Nutrition

After a tough game or practice, kids need to refuel. Low-fat chocolate milk like NESQUIK gives them a fun and nutritious way to help with recovery.

of protein
US Youth Soccer logo American Youth Soccer Organization logo

Nesquik is the official beverage of AYSO and USYS.

Nesquik Recipes

Smoothies, spreads, pies and cakes! NESQUIK adds extra yummy to your favorite treats.

Nestlé Cocoa Plan farmers
Nestlé Cocoa Plan farmers

Nestlé Cocoa Plan

We're committed to helping improve the lives of cocoa farmers and ensuring a sustainable supply of cocoa for future generations.