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Get Out More on Walk-About Stilts
How does it feel to be just a little bit taller? A couple of empty canisters and a little rope is all you need!

Get Out More on Walk-About Stilts
Ages: Adults and Kids 6 and Up
Duration: Over One Hour


  • Click here for footprint template


  • 2 empty 48.7 oz NESQUIK® canisters
  • Cellophane tape
  • Safety scissors
  • 4 sheets of 8 1/2’ X 11” white construction paper
  • 6 sheets of 8 1/2’ X 11” colored construction paper
  • 2 sheets of 8 1/2’ X 11” colored construction paper (for the footprints)
  • 8’ of lightweight rope
  • Utility knife
  • Pencil


    For each stilt:

  • Wash and dry an empty NESQUIK canister.

  • Overlap 2 pieces of white construction paper, end to end to measure 20” in length. Tape these pieces together where they overlap.

  • Cut this 20” piece of construction paper so that it measures 6 3/4” high.

  • Wrap the construction paper around the NESQUIK canister and secure it with cellophane tape.

  • Overlap and tape together 3 additional colored sheets of construction paper in the same manner as above.

  • Cut out 20” long strips of colored construction paper into different widths, varying from 1/2” to 1 1/2”.

  • Wrap the strips of colored construction paper around the NESQUIK canister. Secure with cellophane tape.

  • Print out the footprint template.

  • Trace the template onto a sheet of colored construction paper, cut out the footprint shapes and glue 1 footprint onto each stilt.

  • (PARENTS ONLY) Using a utility knife, cut a 2 slits (criss-cross) 1/2” from the bottom of the canister. Make the same crisscross slit on the opposite side of the canister.

  • Insert a pencil into the crisscross slits to make a larger hole.

  • Measure the distance from your child's waist to their feet. Double that measurement and cut a piece of rope to that length.

  • Insert 1 end of the rope into 1 of the holes, tie the end into a knot to hold it in place.

  • Insert the other end into the opposite hole and tie it into a knot to hold it in place.

  • Do the same to make another stilt.

  • Your child is now ready to try out the Walk-About Stilts.


  • Measuring the rope so that the stilt's handles come just to waist height makes it easy for your child to lift each stilt up and down as they Walk-About on them.

  • Labeling the footprints "L" and "R" will help to remind your child which side is left and which side is right.

  • While your children are getting used to walking on their stilts, keep them on a flat carpeted area inside or a flat grassy area outside.

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