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Head Outdoors for Some Backyard Badminton
Whether you and your kids are in the backyard, at the beach or park, this fun to make - fun to play game will keep you busy and active!
Head Outdoors for Some	Backyard Badminton
Ages: Adults and Kids 6 and Up
Duration: Under One Hour


  • 4 - 48.7oz NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® Powder canister lids
  • 2 - inch-wide dowel rods (18” long)
  • Utility knife
  • Craft glue gun
  • Colored electrical tape
  • 1 package of badminton shuttles (also called birdies)
  • 2 patio chairs
  • 4 yards of rope


    For one pair of rackets:

  • Set out four canister lids.

  • PARENTS ONLY: Cut a 2” wide notch from the side of each lid (see diagram).

  • Lay two of the notched lids facing up on a flat surface.

  • Set one dowel rod into each notch making sure the dowel is positioned several inches into the middle of the lid.

  • Secure the dowel rods to the lids at each notch with a craft glue gun.

  • Cover these lids with the two remaining notched lids (match the notches to fit over each dowel).

  • Secure the top and bottom lids together by running a craft glue gun around the edges. Let dry.

  • Wrap the edges of each finished racket with colored electrical tape.

  • For the Badminton "Net":

  • Place two patio chairs about 3 yards apart on a flat outdoor surface. Position the chairs so that the backs are facing each other.

  • Tie the length of rope to the back of each chair and reposition the chairs so that the rope is tight.


  • The object of this game is to use the racquet to hit the shuttle/birdie back and forth over the net.

  • Let the children have fun seeing how many times they can hit the shuttle back and forth without it dropping onto the ground.

  • Here's what to do if the kids want to keep score:

  • Decide the number of points to win the game.

  • The server gains a point if the opposing player does not return the shuttle over the net.

  • The child that serves the shuttle is the only one to score a point.

  • The server continues to serve for points until he or she does not return the shuttle.

  • It is then the opposing player's turn to serve and try to accumulate points.


  • If you have an old towel or sheet, drape it over the rope to improve your "net."


  • If you and your kids have fun playing this game, try a few more!

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