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Easter Egg Tree
An Easter egg tree is a wonderful way to display all of the Easter eggs you and your children decorate together. Have your kids hunt for just the right branch, "plant" it in a brightly decorated canister and hang their eggs proudly!
Easter Egg Tree
Ages: Adults and Kids 6 and Up
Duration: Over One Hour


  • 1 empty 48.7 oz NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® canister
  • 1 bag of Gummy SWEETARTS® Bunnies
  • 1 bag of SWEETARTS Jelly Beans
  • 1 Mini Chewy SWEETARTS Dispenser
  • 1 SPREE® Eggs Dispenser
  • 1 box each of NESTLÉ CRUNCH® and BUTTERFINGER® Crème Eggs
  • 1 bag of NestEggs, available in NESTLÉ CRUNCH®, BUTTERFINGER®, Creamy Caramel, Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate
  • 17" x 11 1/2" wide sheet each of construction paper in pastel colors
  • Craft glue stick
  • Clear contact paper
  • Craft glue gun or Quick Dry "Tacky" Glue®
  • Tree branches
  • Styrofoam floral block
  • Colorful Easter grass
  • 1 pair safety scissors
  • 1/8" ribbon, spools of blue, yellow and pink
  • 6 to 8, 3" Styrofoam eggs
  • 6 uncooked eggs
  • 1 large-eye embroidery needle
  • 1 Easter egg dye kit


    Easter Egg Tree

  • Wash and dry a 48.7 oz NESQUIK canister.

  • Print out the egg tree strip template and egg tree base diagram.

  • Cut the zigzag strips for canister out of purple construction paper.

  • Each strip needs to be 19.5" long, so cut 2 that measure 9 3/4" long.

  • Cut a pink strip 1" x 19.5", a yellow strip, 1 3/4" x 19", and a blue strip, 1 3/4" x 19.5".

  • With a glue stick, glue the strips around the NESQUIK canister (see diagram for placement).

  • Cut a piece of clear contact paper, 6 3/4" high x 19 .5" wide and wrap around the entire canister.

  • With a craft glue gun or Quick Dry "Tacky" Glue, glue Gummy SWEETARTS Bunnies, SWEETARTS Jelly Beans, Mini Chewy SWEETARTS, and SPREE Eggs around the canister.

  • Collect several branches from your backyard or neighborhood area.

  • Cut a piece of floral block down to a 6 1/4" cube, so that it fits snugly inside the canister.

  • Stick the branches into the floral block, arranging them evenly inside the canister.

  • Hang decorated eggs on the branches (see below).

  • Styrofoam Eggs

  • Cut 3 strips of 1/8" wide ribbon, 7 1/4" in length. One blue, one pink and one yellow.

  • Wrap each ribbon vertically around the Styrofoam egg, glue to hold it in place. Evenly space out each of the 3 ribbons.

  • Cut 1 strip of blue or pink ribbon 8" in length.

  • Make a loop out of the ribbon and glue it to the top of the egg.

  • Use SWEETARTS Jelly Beans SPREE Eggs to decorate the Styrofoam egg between the spaces of ribbon.

  • Hanging Creme Eggs

  • Cut 4, 6" strips of 1/8" wide ribbon. Two yellow, two pink.

  • Wrap each ribbon vertically around the NESTLÉ CRUNCH Crème Eggs, using glue to hold it in place. Evenly space each of the 4 ribbons around the Crème Egg.

  • Cut 1 strip of yellow ribbon 6" in length.

  • Make a loop out of the ribbon and hot glue it to the top of the egg.

  • For the NESTLÉ BUTTERFINGER Crème Eggs, use blue and pink ribbon.

  • Dyed Eggs

  • (PARENTS ONLY) Use a large-eye embroidery needle to poke a hole in the narrow end of the egg. Make a larger hole in the other end.

  • Blow into 1 end of the egg, over a small bowl, until the inside of the egg or yolk is completely removed.

  • To ensure it's completely clean, run water through the hollow egg to rinse out.

  • Use food coloring (see tips for simple recipe) or an Easter egg dye kit to dye eggs to desired color.

  • Cut one 1/8" wide ribbon, to 9" in length. Use either yellow, pink or blue ribbon.

  • Use a large-eye embroidery needle to thread the ribbon through the hollow egg. Tape it with cellophane tape at the bottom.

  • Tie a ribbon loop at the top of the egg for hanging.


  • Food coloring dye: 1/2 to 2/3 full of water, 1 tsp of vinegar (for every 1 cup of water). Add drops of food color until you're happy with the hue.


  • The Easter egg tree can be redecorated for every holiday. For example: hang little flags and stars on the limbs and add red, white and blue stripes to the canister for the Fourth of July.

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