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Make a Windsock
How windy is it today? What direction is the wind coming from? You'll know just by the movement of the windsock you have created!
Make a Windsock
Ages: Adults and Kids 6 and Up
Duration: Over One Hour


  • 1 48.7 oz NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® canister lid
  • 1/2 yard each of red, blue and yellow cotton fabric
  • Satin cord
  • Hole punch
  • Craft glue gun
  • Fabric glue
  • Utility knife


  • Cut out the center of the NESQUIK lid; you should be left with a 1/2” rim.

  • Cut 1 piece of blue fabric, 20” wide x 10” high.

  • Use a craft glue gun to adhere the fabric around the rim of the NESQUIK lid.

  • Cut out 1 strip of red fabric 20“ wide x 1” high.

  • Use fabric glue to adhere this over the first piece of fabric around the rim as a border.

  • Cut 6 strips of red fabric, 1 1/2“ wide x 15” long. Evenly space them out around the base of the blue fabric, and use fabric glue to secure them to the inside edges.

  • Cut 6 strips of yellow fabric, 1” wide x 10” long. Evenly space them out around the base of the blue fabric (in between the red strips), and fabric glue them to the inside edges.

  • Cut out the letters of your child's name using yellow fabric and fabric glue them to the front of the windsock, vertically.

  • Punch 2 holes on either side into the top rim of the lid, using a 1/4“ hole punch.

  • Cut a piece of satin cord, 20” long and string it through the holes, tie off at each end to secure.

  • Hang your windsock on the porch and watch it dance and swing as each breeze comes its way.


  • You can decorate the windsock with other shapes your child may choose to cut out.

  • If you wish to use nylon fabric, you will have to stitch the pieces together, as the glue will not stick to the slippery material.


  • Take your children to a local airport to watch the large windsocks that tell the control tower how strong the wind is.

  • Make a wind barometer. It will show your child the different ways that we can gauge how fast the wind is going and from what direction.

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