Breakfast Made Better

Kids love the taste and moms love what’s inside. Make NESQUIK® Chocolate Milk part of a balanced and nutritious breakfast.

With NESQUIK you get:

of protein
when mixed with a low-fat milk
% less
sugar than the
leading chocolate syrup brand*
& minerals

*Than the leading syrup brand - 11 g vs. 20 g sugar/svg. This product contains 23 g sugar when mixed with 1 cup low fat milk
Per serving of Nesquik Powder (the powder itself contains the 7 vitamins and minerals).

Balance Your Breakfast

Moms know how important it is for kids to eat a balanced breakfast. Learn more about nutritious breakfast foods.

Crisp apples, tangy oranges, tasty bananas and more! Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium and calories. They’re also a great source of essential nutrients, like potassium, dietary fiber and vitamin C.

Cereals, breads and granola are breakfast staples. They’re full of nutrients, like dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Grains are an important source of energy and play a key role in metabolism.

Yogurts, cheese and milk are great sources of protein, vitamins and minerals. Mix NESQUIK with low-fat milk for a delicious source of dairy

Sunny side up or scrambled? Whichever way you like to cook them, eggs are a classic breakfast dish with some serious nutrition. Along with lean meats, eggs are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals.