Our Rich History

The story of America's
favorite flavored milk

NESQUIK Bunny holding up the NESQUIK logo

Moms Rejoice

In 1948, Nestlé's "Quik" Chocolate Powder hits the shelves, giving moms a fast and easy way to create a delicious glass of chocolate milk.

Early advertisement of Nestle Quik next to a picture of Nestle Quik chocolate powder box

A World Famous Jingle

"N-E-S-T-L-É-S, Nestlé's makes the very best!" performed by a ventriloquist, this jingle takes the world by storm for the next 10 years!

Old TV with a picture of an old Nestle Quik advertisement

A Flavor is Born

The new, delicious strawberry powder is introduced, delighting taste buds across the nation!

Picture of original packaging of Nestle Quik strawberry powder box

Bunny takes The Stage

In 1973, an animated version of the Bunny hops onto the scene, appearing in his first commercial.


On the go Goodness

The yummy goodness of Quik powder now comes in ready-to-drink bottles and syrups.

NESQUIK strawberry ready to drink bottle and NESQUIK chocolate syrup bottle

Hello, Nesquik

We change names from Quik to NESQUIK across the globe.

NESQUIK Bunny holding up a glass of NESQUIK chocolate milk with a straw

Seriously Nutritious

Now with 7 essential vitamins and minerals*, NESQUIK gives kids a delicious and nutritious boost to take on the day ahead.

* For NESQUIK Powder, as prepared with 8 fl. oz. (1 cup) of low-fat milk or not-fat milk.

Even more Goodness

Today, NESQUIK comes in even more irresistible flavors, and proudly has 45% less sugar*. Which is why, 60 years later, moms are still rejoicing.

A collection of NESQUIK powder boxes and syrup A collection of NESQUIK powder boxes and syrup
*Than the leading syrup brand - 11 g vs. 20 g sugar/svg. This product contains 23 g sugar when mixed with 1 cup low fat milk.

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